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Homemade Play is an innovative book packed with more than 100 quick and creative activities for babies one month to one year old, using simple common household objects and natures gifts as well as ideas on playful movement, tummy time and massage that will provide you and your baby with hours of inexpensive fun.

Designed to help develop motor, sensory, communication, social and emotional skills, this book is an attempt to reclaim some of the natural processes of learning. It’s an invitation to slow down, be present with your baby and enjoy discovering the world together for the first time.

Homemade Play will guide you in playing with your baby in a whole new way. You’ll never ask “What do I do with my baby?” ever again.

What you will find in this eBook

Creative ways to use things from around the house and neighborhood to engage and have fun with your baby.

Over 100 activities for babies 1 month to 1 year old.

Beautiful photographs to ensure that each activity is carried out effectively and safely.

The importance of sensory play in the healthy development of your baby.

Detailed lists of household sensory objects that you can explore with your baby.

Tips on how to organize play objects into treasure baskets for easy access and clean up.

Testimonials from families who have enjoyed the activities with their own babies.

Practical tummy time ideas, that don't mean face planting on the ground!

What people are saying

“Homemade Play is outstanding. I would have loved to have had these ideas when my children were babies.”
“In Homemade Play: Creative Ways To Be With Your Baby, author Kim Lyons offers a clear, concise collection of proven principles and practices that honor and reinforce your natural parenting instincts. Combining the wisdom of heart-centered play with the science of child development, Homemade Play is filled with fun and stimulating activities that will give you and your baby a strong foundation and many magical moments of joyful connection.”
“Fun to read, this book is a great resource for new parents, full of imaginative games and ideas for play. Using non-toxic materials found in the home, Kim encourages families to stay away from expensive toys and be creative with household objects, such as food, fabric, cardboard; teaching our children through the senses. I recommend this book to all new families looking for simple ways to connect and enjoy time with their babies.”
Peggy Horan, Esalen Massage Instructor, Midwife and author of the book Connecting Through Touch

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